Motor Power Calculation Page

Tyre Diameter:[m] Tyre Coefficient of friction:
Top Speed:[kph]
Vehicle Mass:[kg]
Max Motor RPM: Motor Torqe:[Nm]
Diff Ratio:
1st Gear Ratio: 2nd Gear Ratio:
3rd Gear Ratio: 4th Gear Ratio:
5th Gear Ratio: 6th Gear Ratio:

Max Motor Power: 376.99 kw

Gear Total Ratio Max Speed Acceleration (0-100kph) Tractive Force (kg) Max Slope
1st 16.297 104.1kph 5.12s (0.55G) 1329[kg] 55%
2nd 8.858 191.5kph 9.41s (0.3G) 722.4[kg] 30%
3rd 6.106 277.8kph 13.65s (0.21G) 497.9[kg] 21%
4th 4.3 394.5kph 19.39s (0.15G) 350.7[kg] 15%
5th 3.139 540.4kph 26.56s (0.11G) 256[kg] 11%
6th 2.58 657.5kph 32.31s (0.09G) 210.4[kg] 9%
Acceleration does not take into consideration that the vehicle may not reach 100kph in this gearing.
Maximum speed does not take into consideration if the motor has enough power to overcome drag at that speed
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